Are Prescribed Acne Treatments the Best Way to Get Rid Of Acne?

Prescribed acne treatments can be the solution for your acne woes. But is it really the best option when it comes to treating acne? Well, not really. To help you understand how prescribed acne treatments and to find the best treatment for your condition, let’s take a closer look at acne and the different ways to treat it.

If you read this, you would know by now that acne is a cycle that is not curable. Curing acne means that you have eliminated them for good. They will not come back to haunt you and cause more damage to your skin. Sadly, despite years of acne research the cure for acne is not yet discovered. One of the primary reasons for this is that acne researches have not yet identified the real cause of acne. That’s right the cause of acne remains to be unknown.

Dead skin cells, excess oil and acne bacteria are considered to be the main factors that trigger acne breakouts. When dead skin cells cover your pores, it traps oil and bacteria inside. Normally, dead skin cells would slough off. However, due to oxidation it causes them to clump up together. This forms a plug. When bacteria and oil is trapped, the acne causing bacteria uses the oil to refuel allowing them to propagate and extend their lifespan. This will cause a bacterial overgrowth. Your body will try to destroy these bacteria to restore balance. This is when acne starts to form. Acne really is a type of an inflammatory response of your body.

Prescribed acne treatments often targets two things. The acne bacteria and the dead skin cells. Most treatments contain some type of antibiotic, such as clindamycin and or a Vitamin A derivative that is used to dissolve dead skin cells and increase cell turnover. As we all know, antibiotics have its pros and cons and so does Vitamin A. With prolonged uses, these two commonly used ingredient in prescribed acne treatments can cause serious damage to your kidney and to your other organs as well. These treatments are contraindicated to pregnant women because these can cause side effects that can affect the unborn child.

The risks associated with the use of prescribed acne treatments do not justify the end. You should not sacrifice your health just to get rid of acne. Instead, look for an over the counter acne treatment. These treatments are generally safe to use and are also cheaper compared to prescribed acne products.


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